Tilt and Turn Windows

A tilt and turn window is a highly efficient European style window that operate in two different ways. It can swing into the room like an in swinging casement window and the top can tilt into the room like a hopper window.

Our tilt and turn windows are 68mm thick (2 5/8”) and feature 3 separate continuous layers of weather stripping. These windows are available in a variety of wood species, have optional full height screens and can be built with any muntin configuration.

Hung Windows

A hung window is the most common window available on the market. Hung windows have sash that move up and down within a groove. With a single hung sash, the lower sash can move up and down while the top sash is fixed. With a double hung window, both the top and bottom sash can move up and down.

Our hung windows showcase a combination of beautiful aesthetics and modern energy efficiency. They feature true divided lites for a heritage look, modern weatherstripping, concealed balances, insulated glass units with low E glass, and Sansin finishes.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have sash that open and close like a door. Sash can open to the interior or exterior, have sash stays to keep windows in an open position, and have full size screens. Casement windows also feature full perimeter gasketing for maximum energy efficiency.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows have sash that are not operable and are fixed in place. These are generally the most energy efficient as they have a permanent perimeter seal.

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