Like our windows, we produce our custom wood doors using traditional joinery techniques. Our doors are beautiful, functional, and energy efficient. Our doors can be broken down into 3 categories: Entrance sets, Exterior Doors, and Interior doors.

Entrance Sets

An Entrance Set is the gateway to your home and the centerpiece of your home’s facade. Our beautifully crafted entrance sets are totally custom made. Often, they include a large door and a transom and/or sidelites. A combination of glass and panels can be adopted into the design and curved work can also be incorporated.

Our standard entrance set includes a 2.25” thick door and sidelites/transom, a 1.5” thick door frame, European rubber weather-stripping, and multi-point hardware. Entrance sets are generally finished with Sansin Resolution finish if the door getting a natural finish, or Sansin ENS if the door is getting a solid colour finish.

Exterior Doors

Our exterior doors incorporate many of the features that our Entrance Sets boast however they are scaled back. Our exterior doors do not feature sidelites and are frequently only door in frame.

Our standard exterior door is 2.25” thick however a 1.75” thick door is also available. Weather-stripping, hardware and finish remains the same as an entrance set.

Interior Doors

Our interior doors can come in any configuration requesting and are available in paint finish or natural finish, Our standard interior doors is 1.75” thick and can come as door only or pre-hung in a frame.

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